Event Planning.

Big events require a lot of planning. Professionals are often called in to oversee the preparations so that the principals don't have to drown in the details. Various events will require their own particular elements though there will be some overlap between many of them. For instance, indoor events that expect large crowds might need to augment the existing facilities. It could get hot inside so event managers anticipate this and solve it through Air Conditioning Hire Surrey companies. Let us look at different examples of events and how they might be set up.


Auctions are popular ways to sell rare and precious items. Sellers can often get more in this type of event compared to regular listings. The energy of the crowd and the bidding process pushes the price higher and higher. Common items sold this way include artwork, memorabilia, jewellery, and other collectibles. They generally have a value in the thousands up to millions of dollars. As such, those invited to bid are generally well-off. They have certain expectations when it comes to the venue, the proceeding, and the treatment. The hosts should be top notch. There must be good food and great wine.


Event managers are often put in charge of party preparations. This could be anything from birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, school reunions, company milestones, and so on. The purpose is to celebrate the occasion and make it memorable. The design will depend on the type of occasion as well as the wishes of the clients. Perhaps they want a certain theme that reflects their personalities. They might insist on a number of colours for the d├ęcor. For music, it could be a good idea to hire a live band or a DJ. Of course, the food should be plentiful and more than enough for the number of expected guests.

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This is a more formal type of event in which several speakers are expected to take the stage while a crowd of peers listen on. These conferences can revolve around technology, business, education, food, medicine, and various other topics. Industry leaders gather a few times a year to discuss the newest developments in their world. They talk about challenges and novel ways of solving them. They often take several days so event planning must be extensive. The attendees may need help in booking their rooms at hotels and arranging for transportation.


Concerts are popular events where fans get to see and listen to their favourite artists live. The venue may accommodate hundreds up to tens of thousands depending on the demand for tickets. The bigger the venue, the more complex the logistics. This usually means that you are dealing with big names in the industry which means that everything must run like clockwork and security must be tight. At the venue itself, only the best in terms of lights and sound equipment must be used. The stage may need to be dressed up for certain numbers. Smoke and pyrotechnics are not at all unusual.